Telcom Satellites Limited, a media and Technology company, owners and operators of TStv Africa pay TV has announced the inclusion of TOS new channel on its bouquet. TsTV made the announcement across its social network platforms during the week.

TOS news network which prides itself as 24/7 pan-African news channel will occupy channel 138 on the TsTV pay TV.

The news channel, a brainchild of the host of The Osazu Show (TOS) on Africa Independent Television (AIT), says it aims to become one of the world’s most trusted sources of informative, educational and entertaining news that provides a comprehensive range of high quality inspirational programming and broadcasting.

TOS which started as a TV programme before metamorphosing into a TV channel is owned by 29year old Osasu . The syndicated TV programme focused on development, business, and politics in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The programme also showed on BEN TV London, and ITV.


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