AS a Journalist, especially one that has stayed long enough on a beat, you definitely possess some knowledge that others might want and be willing to pay for.

Your first step to making money with your skills and knowledge is to figure out that others are willing and ready to pay for that knowledge.

Be sure that you have acquired enough information and details about the subject matter and you’re ready to share.

One of the best ways to start testing your ideas is to start putting content out into the world. Share your ideas on social media, or create videos about your subject.

Once you attract interest in your ideas, you can begin developing products that will help you earn money from your knowledge.

To monetise your knowledge as a Journalist,, you need to become a solutions expert, which means looking at what problems you solve that other people will pay to make go away:

1. Identify the problem:

Be sure that the knowledge you want to share has the capacity of solving certain problem and be specific about the problem.

This may be in the form of consultancy to people who may want to start a business in the line of your knowledge base.

Clearly indicate the problem.

2. Look into the problem:

Now you have to take a critical look at the problem you have identified above as ask yourself some basic questions. Is this really a problem? Will people be willing to pay for the solution to this problem? Etc

3. Solve the problem:

Now, here is the main job. Proffer SOLUTIONS to the problem you have identified via channels that will be accessible to those who may seek the solution.

Here, consider packaging the solution into a product that you can easily give out at a price

These are some of the ways to monetise your knowlege through the packaging of the SOLUTIONS.

– Write a book
– Hold Workshops or Seminars
– Create Webinars and Video Courses
– Membership
– Online Groups

Most importantly, you will need a website where you can easily sell these solutions products.

Ni doubt we live in an age where everything now requires a website to run successfully and with limited hitches.

This is because with a website, you’re guaranteed some levels of CREDIBILITY as people will take you more seriously as one who really mean business.

Also your website means that your ‘shop’ is always opened 24/7 even when you sleep!

The website can also make selling so easy wherein people can place orders on your website and without leaving the comfort of your home or office, you’ll get the products across to the buyer.

At JournalismNG, we can help you with the building and management of such a website at a very affordable rate. You can even seize the opportunity of our ongoing end-of-year promo.


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