September 25, 2023
3, Railway Lane, Baba Monday Bus-stop, Arepo Road, Ijoko Ogun State
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Calling on health Journalists to apply for this international fellowship

This competitive HIV/AIDS reporting fellowship, spearheaded by the Internews Health Journalism Network, with the support of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, will award 10 fellowships (of $1,000 USD each) to mid-career/senior level health and science reporters.

The fellowship includes 3 exclusive virtual training sessions where fellows will gain new insights into reporting on specific topics relating to HIV/AIDS, 1 on 1 mentoring on story development, and finally a chance to win an additional prize for the best story to be produced and successfully published or aired. The stories will be judged by a panel including HJN staff and speakers from virtual training sessions. 

This fellowship will seek to encourage and support journalism that looks at new, unique or underreported angles of HIV/AIDS with a particular focus on innovative science research that leads to policy and action. The publishing/airing of stories produced as a result of this fellowship will aim to correspond with the International AIDS Conference in Brisbane, Australia in July. 


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